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There are NO import duties and NO Taxes to be paid on any of our goods to the U.S, Mexico and Canada.
Taxation may vary in other countries.

Since we deal in MANY used, recycled & restored items which come & go so quickly, it is impossible to list everyting on these sample pages. If you dont see what you want, ask for it.
Always send us an email before sending your payment to be sure the item you want is still in stock!.

Orders should be sent to us in Mexico either be email, fax, or phone call.
The U.S. fax number above sends the fax directly to our computer here in Mexico.


About PaxHouse

We are a non profit organization which help the poor and needy of Mexico and mission support to poor countries in Central & South America as well, by making and selling church supplies, such as mass vestments, sacred vessels, such as chalices, ciboria, monstrances, reliquaries, of TRADITIONAL design. We buy & sell used church articles, including old liturgical books, statues, vestments, and other related chapel supplies.

We provide free food, clothing, emergency shelter, and other services to the needy of Guadalajara. We ship donations of new and used vestments to poor churches ravaged by floods in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Venezuela, to name a few.

We have a sanctuary, no kill home for abused and abandoned dogs from the streets of Guadalajara. We have over 300 dogs living in our care. We do not receive any financial help from anyone for this work. If you are visitng Guadalajara and would like to adopt a dog, let us know. We have many beautiful dogs of all breeds available. . .

You can help: www.gofundme,com

YES, we welcome donations of used church items, old Latin books, vestments, sacred vessels, statues, etc. We will gladly pay items and either sell them to support our apostolate, and often we donate them to many poor churches in the pueblos. We will also purchase quality used items.

We welcome donations of clean used clothing, food items and cosmetics and other items which we share with the poor and needy in Mexico. Write us for further details on how to pack and send us items.

For information contact us by clicking the image below:

Phone:  011-523-33-826-2657
       or:  011-523-33-179-5023
Fax:  011.523.33.826.2657

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